Spotter’s Days Florennes 2012

International Airshow 2012 Florennes : Spotter’s Days

C’était le vendredi 25 juin 2012.  Nous etions au centre de l’action à 100 mètres de la runway.

Friday’s menu : aircraft arrival, taxi back only 50 feet from your steady hand cameras (pilot’s assurance permitting), start-up again, taxi in and take-off for a display rehearsal during which, and that is exceptional, you will be permitted to stay at the same place to be able to have a better glance at the aircraft’s evolutions, landing and taxi back. None of the visitors during the week-end will be able to live that extraordinary experience. An amazing opportunity to take pictures from a strategic position.

International Air Show Florennes 2012

Cliquer sur la photo pour voir le diaporama

Fin de journée, nous étions couvert de kérosène !

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